Here in the desert one of the most important parts of your landscape is your irrigation system. It doesn't take long for plants to die if there is a problem and it is not getting water. The water here in Tucson is a precious resource and cannot be wasted so overwatering is not a good thing either.  A well tune irrigation system will keep your landscape thriving without waste.

The irrigation system is also a way to administer treatments for large trees. A client of ours had a large Mexican Palo Verde that had allot of termite damage. We dug 5 of these holes, inserted a perforated pipe and filled with gravel. The cap on the pipe can be removed and the treatment can be poured into the pipe. With the irrigation running directly into the pipe it allows the tree to take in the treatment and be on it's way to being a healthy tree.

If you have plants that looked stressed or are dying or you see water spouts, puddling or water running where it shouldn't go to the Contact Us page and we will be happy to come and have a look at your system